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PLUSTECH Industry and Commerce was founded in 2012.
We area a compnay composed by machining industry experts in machining process and technical solutions. We provide machining solutions for precision parts meeting the needs of customers in ensuring the quality of the final product, with the lowest cost.
We develop our activities to meet the demand for machined parts starting from the gross raw material (steel, alloy steel and aluminum) and also merged parts or forged parts.
With demonstrated expirience on the oil and gas segment, manufacturing parts in different alloys of steel, including stainless steel and Inconel. Are sealing rings, lock type, bi-parties, stop, operation gloves, retaining ring, load ring, bodies, outer jackets, flanges, cheeks, among other items. Our customers are companies providing items for the national chain of Oil and Gas.
Then we have expanded the work to diversify the productive capacity in the segment of machinery and equipment industry to manufacture aluminum parts (especially in classes 6000 and 7000), cast iron, carbon steel, stainless steel and polymers.
Today we serve Brazilian and multinational companies (headquartered in the United States and Germany) seeking craft items and components locally without compromising the quality required by its customers.
Certified Company ISO9001:2008
Be a reference for quality and innovation as a service provider in the machining industry.
Produce high-quality parts to our customers, ensuring excellence in a sustainable manner.
  • Have the CUSTUMER preference
  • EMPLOYEES respected, committed and fulfilled
  • Focus on RESULTS with safety and attention to the details
  • INTEGRITY with all stakeholders
  • Economic, social and environmental SUSTAINABILITY